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Schedule for college reps can be obtained from the guidance counselor. 

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All students have to do to be automatically considered is apply by Dec. 1, 2018!
We invest in our students’ futures. Central is committed to affordability and value and we make an investment in our students’ future through our impressive faculty, incredible internships, academic mentoring and more. 
We also offer around 1,000 additional scholarships thanks to the generosity of Central’s successful alumni and friends. After being admitted, students are invited to a Scholarship Weekend where additional scholarships – up to full tuition – can be earned. 
Encourage students at your school to apply today at For students who apply now, we offer a waived application fee and a decision in less than two weeks.
Encourage students to apply now so they can participate in this great opportunity and the opportunity to get the best college experience ever. 

Director of Admission

Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge

Title: Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship
Open to: Iowa high school seniors who will attend college in fall 2018.
Awards: Thirty $2,000 college scholarships plus $500 to each recipient's high school.
Requirements: Register online and then follow emailed instructions to complete two online components and a related assessment. Essays may be required as a tiebreaker.
Open:  October 22, 2018 - February 22, 2019
Start at:  Iowa Student Loan

La James' International College

Open to: Students of La'James International College with locations in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.
Awards: Varies
Requirements: Must be a beauty and cosmetology student enrolling at La'James International College interested in pursuing a career in this industry.
Start at: La'James International College

Grand Lodge of Iowa

Open to: The scholarships are designed to assist graduating seniors in pursuing a post-secondary education in any state at an accredited institution which provides a two or four-year college program. The scholarships may be used for any bona fide school related expense such as tuition, fees, and books.
Awards: $2,000
Requirements: Open to students who choose to serve as leaders in the school and community.
Due: February 1, 2019
Start at: Grand Lodge of Iowa
Download PDF: Masonic Scholarship Application
Download RTF for accessibility:  Masonic Scholarship Application

Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic

Technical Scholarship: Mechanical or trade course of study at an Iowa Community College.
Amounts: Varies
Due: February 2019
Start at: Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic 

Iowa Newspaper Foundation

Open to: Media Career students
Awards: Range from $500 - $1000
Requirements: Varies
Start at: Iowa Newspaper Foundation

JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship

Awards: $1000 continue education at university or vocational school.
Due: January 11, 2019
Start at: United States JCI Senate

Financial Aid Information

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