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Home Learning Resources

Learning from home (distant learning) can present different opportunities and challenges that don’t exist in a traditional classroom setting. Our goal is to stay connected with students and families as well as deliver “snack” size learning opportunities. Teachers have established a platform such as Google Classroom or Facebook to deliver videos and other learning materials. In addition, teachers are working to connect with students and families via, phone calls, YouTube videos,  Zoom and Google Meet to video conference face-to-face, as well as email. 

During this time please continue to encourage your child to stay in a routine and at least try the activities. Remind them of our PBIS expectations to be responsible.

We have put together the following information to make sure our students are successful in this new environment:

Home Learning Recommendations, Requirements, Responsibilities

  • Schools can not assign grades when closed. 
  • PreK-5th grades sent home packets of activities that should last the 4 weeks.
  • Secondary is providing scheduled activities and assignments on a rotation. Please check each building’s schedule. 
  • Teachers have not been asked to display or inform students of the recommended time that they would like things completed at the 6-12th grade level.
  • The material sent out upon closure was meant to last for 4 weeks. Students will not be penalized if they do not complete everything. 
  • Continue to encourage your child to stay in a routine and at least try the activities. 
  • Remind them of our PBIS expectations to be responsible.
  • Teachers will continue to provide activities until the end of the closure.  We are hopeful that if everyone follows the health department guidance this will end soon.
  • We are currently following the Governor and Iowa Department of Education’s guidance and they have said that the days we are closed will not be required to be made up. Many schools are not equipped with air conditioning that would be needed to hold school during summer months so it is unlikely this would change.

How much work will be expected of students?

  • Students should expect 3 lessons per day.  Each lesson may be expected to take up to 15 minutes for students in grades K-2, up to 30 minutes for students in grades 3-5, and up to 45 minutes per lesson for students in grades 6-12. 
  • Specialists, librarians, counselors, and other teachers will work out a schedule for each grade level. They may offer no more than one lesson each day from one teacher from this team. E.g. if P.E. is on Monday, Music is on Tuesday, Library is on Wednesday, etc.

Support for Parents/Guardians

What happens if we have issues accessing assignments or using technology at home?

A Parents' Guide to Google Apps for Education

How to get to Google Classroom to find student work: 

  • Google Classroom - once a student is logged into their Google Account they are able to access Google Classroom through the “waffle iron” in the top right corner of the google homepage. If you need help logging into Google Classroom please follow this quick CCSD 2020 Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom 

Routines and Structures 

  • Learning from home (distant learning) will be a bit different so it’s important to help your child establish routines and schedules. For example, help them to eliminate distractions (turn off notifications), charge device nightly, set a timer to help with work completion as well as minimize screen-time, watch videos each day from your teacher(s), look for teacher feedback, and be sure to contact your teacher for concerns or questions

Connectivity for students who don't have internet access:

Zoom Approval

  • In a response to school closure due to Covid-19, many CCSD teachers and principals have been using Zoom and Google Meet as a means to connect virtually with students and families. This is communication serves as a method to obtain approval that your child(ren) continue using such video conferencing tools. Please contact your child’s teacher if you DO NOT wish to grant approval that your child(ren) continue using video conferencing tools. 



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