Student Support Services

Student Support Services (Guidance)

The Student Support Services (SSS) Team mission is to promote a positive experience and beneficial opportunities for students and families.  Our vision is for every student to discover responsibility, wellness, and accountability to lead them to a productive lifestyle.

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Student Support Team Letter

Student Support Services Team:

Megan Kirkland, School Counselor at Lakeview and Central – Team Facilitator
Ryan Hodges, School Counselor at CHS and Howar
Matt Kovacevich, Student Advisor at CHS
Marcia Bowen, Student Advisor at Howar
Jason Reed, Student Advisor at Howar
Liz Harvey, School Nurse at CHS and Howar
Tino Terrones, Student Advisor at Lakeview
Megan Kirkland, School Counselor at Lakeview and Central
Emily Sayres, Student Advisor, Lakeview and Central
Denise Howe, School Nurse at Lakeview, Central, and Preschool
Luann Eakins, Student Success Coordinator, K-12
Cindy Fluegge, Social Worker, K-12

Please contact team members in our buildings with questions or concerns.

Community Resources and Supports are available.  Click on this link for information about child care, nutrition assistance, counseling services and more:

PDF Document –  Appanoose County Resource Directory
RTF Document for accessibility – Appanoose County Resource Directory

PDF Document – Iowa Works Southern Iowa Resource Guide
RTF Document for accessibility – Iowa Works Southern Iowa Resource Guide