Student Scholarships

Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge

Title: Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship
Open to: Iowa high school seniors who will attend college in fall 2018.
Awards: Thirty $2,000 college scholarships plus $500 to each recipient's high school.
Requirements: Register online and then follow emailed instructions to complete two online components and a related assessment. Essays may be required as a tiebreaker.
Open:  October 22, 2018 - February 22, 2019
Start at:  Iowa Student Loan

La James' International College

Open to: Students of La'James International College with locations in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.
Awards: Varies
Requirements: Must be a beauty and cosmetology student enrolling at La'James International College interested in pursuing a career in this industry.
Start at: La'James International College

Grand Lodge of Iowa

Open to: The scholarships are designed to assist graduating seniors in pursuing a post-secondary education in any state at an accredited institution which provides a two or four-year college program. The scholarships may be used for any bona fide school related expense such as tuition, fees, and books.
Awards: $2,000
Requirements: Open to students who choose to serve as leaders in the school and community.
Due: February 1, 2019
Start at: Grand Lodge of Iowa
Download PDF: Masonic Scholarship Application
Download RTF for accessibility:  Masonic Scholarship Application

Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic

Technical Scholarship: Mechanical or trade course of study at an Iowa Community College.
Amounts: Varies
Due: February 2019
Start at: Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic 

Iowa Newspaper Foundation

Open to: Media Career students
Awards: Range from $500 - $1000 
Requirements: Varies
Start at: Iowa Newspaper Foundation

JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship

Awards: $1000 continue education at university or vocational school.
Due: January 11, 2019
Start at: United States JCI Senate