About CHS

Advisory Every Day - Students will have a daily advisory which will meet opposite of their assigned lunch period.
Advisory teachers will utilize the Character Strong social emotional learning curriculum weekly. Advisory will also
be used to meet the educational needs of each student by scheduling time for small group instruction and
providing structured study time to help students complete work.
Exact Path - All students will utilize Exact Path. Exact Path is a web based program that utilizes a diagnostic
assessment to create individualized learning paths in the areas of reading, writing, and math, for each student.
Exact Path will help us better understand where each student is academically and provide “just-in-time” instruction
aligned to their needs and goals. Please see the attached flyer with additional information on Exact Path.
School Day - 8:00am - 3:20pm - The school day will start at 8:00am. Students may enter CHS starting at
ACT Testing - Freshmen and Sophomore students will take a pre-ACT test this fall. The pre-ACT will provide
feedback on the academic strengths and opportunities for each student as well as provide a projected ACT score.
Results will help guide instruction and academic planning. Additionally, all Juniors will be able to take the ACT
during the Spring. The ACT will be FREE OF CHARGE for juniors and it will be administered this spring during
the school day at CHS by our teachers.