Centerville Virtual Learning Academy

Virtual Learning Academy Overview

At Centerville Community School District, we understand that there are many reasons why a student may choose not to attend a physical campus. That’s why we will be offering flexible virtual schooling options as an alternative to the traditional classroom environment for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. We wanted to share with you an overview of the Virtual Academy. 

The CCSD Virtual Academy provides students with non-traditional educational opportunities as they pursue a high-quality education and achieve their academic goals. This allows students and families flexibility in how they work toward mastering learning that best fits their unique needs. The Centerville Community School District Virtual Academy also believes in connection to community and school. This is why the program consists of two parts.

  1. Connection to the RedTogether community through advisory/community virtual meetings with the student success coordinator and similar age/grade-level peers. This provides socialization, connection, social-emotional learning activities, lessons on how to be successful in an online environment, and information about school activities. Students are eligible to join clubs, play sports, and participate in a variety of activities offered in Centerville Community Schools.
  2. High-quality academic learning through customized Edmentum Courseware to ensure alignment to prioritized Iowa Core Standards and align to a semester time frame. Each student is assigned an Iowa Certified Edmentum highly-qualified teacher who will offer personalized assistance and feedback.

Your student will be assigned a student success coordinator, a virtual learning coordinator, as well as highly qualified teachers to ensure success. If your child receives special education services your child will also receive assistance from a Centerville Community School District educator. 

If you have questions about the Centerville Virtual Learning Academy, contact Mekca Wallace-Spurgin, Director of Technology/Virtual Learning Coordinator, at 641-856-0601, ext. 1146 or Contact Emily Kozak, Student Success Coordinator, at 641-856-0601, ext. 1330, or  about the enrollment process.

Click here to access a complete copy of the: Centerville Virtual Learning Academy Handbook