About Preschool

Julie Caraccio

Welcome to Centerville Preschool!  My name is Julie Caraccio and I am honored to serve as the preschool director.   I have been with the Centerville School District for seven years as a teacher, administrator, and ELL Coordinator.  The staff is dedicated to creating a caring learning environment that provides authentic learning experiences for your child.

The program’s goal is to provide a high-quality preschool program meeting each child’s needs, including children with disabilities and those from a diverse background.  The preschool provides a rich learning environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity and supports them to take risks that lead to new skill development.  It is a setting where children feel safe, respected, and cared for.  This is an opportunity for all four-year-old children to take part in planned, active learning experiences to build their readiness skills.  The preschool program has adopted and meets the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards, administered by the Iowa Department of Education.

The Centerville Preschool classrooms are integrated and designed to provide opportunities for developing four-year-old children to play, learn, and interact with their peers. The Centerville Preschool program engages students in the Creative Curriculum Framework, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Second Step Curriculum, and Launchpad Literacy Program.

We are excited that you have chosen the Centerville Preschool for the foundation of your child’s lifelong learning.  Please contact me if you have any questions.


Julie Caraccio