2021-2021 School Year Announcement

On Monday, Centerville Community School District will begin the 2021-22
school year and I know this is always and exciting time of year for all of us as
we embark on another year of academic engagement. We also are looking
forward to another year of extra curricular activities and events that take
place throughout our schools.


As we begin this new school year, it’s going to continue to be incredibly
important that our school system provide the safest and healthiest
environment possible. We are all aware of the challenges that we faced
last year and unfortunately the COVID Delta variant, and its potential impact
on children, require each of us to assist in providing mitigation steps to
protect our children from this highly transmittable infection.


With the goal of our children attending school face to face everyday, it is
going to take everyone’s best efforts and cooperation.


As we all know, our kids and their education is really important and it is
critical that during this unique and enormously challenging time we all come
together to do what’s in the best interest of all of our students and


Thanks for being REDTOGETHER.