Course Guide

Ryan Hodges
Guidance Counselor

Dear Student and Parent:

This Course Guide has been designed to assist you in making the best possible decisions regarding your educational program at Centerville High School.  It is my hope that you will make decisions for your high school courses based on your abilities, interests, aptitudes, and future plans.  Currently, throughout the nation, there is a push from the business sector of society for more rigor in the classroom.  At the state level, the Department of Education, with the consent of the legislature, is also asking for these changes.  Colleges are following suit and requiring even more of the advanced courses (especially in science and math) for acceptance into their schools.  If you choose the most challenging courses, you will have more options when ultimately selecting a college to attend.
Please take ample time and give a great deal of thought to your course selections for next year and the following years.  The number of teachers and sections for each class is based on the spring pre-registration.  However, we can make minor adjustments in the fall.
The explanations in this Course Guide are brief.  If you have specific questions concerning the content of a course, please feel free to contact the teacher currently instructing the class for further information.  Of course, as a counselor, I feel that I can give added insight as well.
My job is not to dictate what courses a student will take other than those required by the Board of Education. I try to make appropriate suggestions, but the ultimate decision rests with the student and parent.
Each student can meet individually with me concerning course selections for the next school year.  I am more than willing and pleased with the opportunity to meet with parents to discuss your child's future.  Feel free to give me a call with any questions or to set up an appointment for a conference.


Ryan Hodges & CHS counseling staff

Download the entire Course Guide Book for 2020-2021.